behaviour change for binge & emotional eaters

It’s time to end your fight with food so you can finally get healthy & be your vibrant self!

Hues of Health is all about getting to the root cause of why you eat when you don’t want to, and helping you become the person who’s life is no longer controlled by food & self-hatred. I help you achieve this by educating you on the science & psychology behind your behaviour & sharing scientifically proven tools & strategies delivered to you in the form of online courses, group programmes and 1-1 coaching. Most importantly, I keep it simple and inspire you to have fun in the process.

Hey, I’m Corinna

I am a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Behaviour Change Expert & Yoga Teacher with a lifetime of personal experience with binge & emotional eating.

My whole life I was trying to eat healthier, lose weight & exercise more with the goal of having a slimmer body – or more accurately: I wanted to fit in, feel like I was enough & have men pick me over my best friend for a change. Endless failed attempts at dieting, joining yet another gym or programme, seeing nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists & being prescribed a variety of medications that did f-all, I concluded that I was the problem.

Long story short I refused to accept my fate & turned to education to find answers. A Diploma in Health & Nutrition provided some good insights to my inexplicable behaviour around food, but the real ‘aha’ happened when I studied Neuroscience & how our brains work. 

Education helped me get to the root of my overeating & provided me with science based tools that actually work. I now make it my purpose to make what I’ve learnt accessible to the public to save you having to spend years studying or losing a good fortune in the process. 


Aren’t you sick & tired of being controlled by food & feeling like something is wrong with you?

What if I could:

  • Help you get to the root cause of why you turn to food at every opportunity & teach you how to gain back control  (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with willpower or a lack of discipline)
  • End your obsession with food so your thoughts aren’t constantly pre-occupied with what to eat next & how you can hide your obsession from friends & family
  • Teach you how you can build new healthy habits that last a lifetime so you can gain more energy & stop worrying about the long-term consequences of eating all that junk
  • Give you the self-belief & confidence to be yourself so you can put this chapter of your life behind you & finally feel ‘normal’

It’s all possible & here’s how I can help you achieve that:




My online courses provide an affordable starting point to learn the simplified science & psychology behind why you eat when you don’t want to. Step by step you will build on your knowledge & learn to apply proven tools & strategies that form the foundation to create lasting change.  

All courses are pre-recorded & delivered in bite-sized lessons which you can work around a busy lifestyle, all you need is internet access. Click the button below to find out more about the courses on offer. 


1-on-1 coaching programme

If you want to uplevel your results, need the added support & accountability or simply prefer working with someone on a 1-on-1 basis, this option is for you. We will work together for an agreed period which is personalised to suit your needs. Together we will create a step by step plan to end your obsession with food & I provide you with my full support. 

For more information on what my coaching programmes entail, what’s included and excluded, click the button below to find out more.  

Corinna helped me through so much that I just never learned in my life. She helped me understand why things were happening the way that they were and how to address and handle it. She helped me understand that I should stop blaming myself for things that are not my fault. I felt relief, like a large weight was lifted off of my back because I had always thought there was something wrong with me. Her help was life-changing, and I am not exaggerating. I learned how to effectively be healthy, stop binges, stop associating my weight with my self-worth, and so much more.

Lauren Pettit – USA